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We didn’t choose photography, more or less we feel that photography chose us. Since highschool we’ve been enthusiastic about the power of photography to stop time, express the truth and the beauty within people. First it was a game, but after graduation photography had a great impact onto our lives. We were privileged to photograph great artists and beautiful lands. Photography taught us to be humble, grateful and honest. More or less, this is how two friends became professional photographers. Meanwhile, we both got married with stunning wives. At weddings we are drawn by the display of intimate and rare moments between people. We are honored when couples invite us in different parts of the world to document their love story. ‘Perfection’ is a big word but we know for sure that authentic emotions are perfect and we, as photographers, have the responsibility to capture them and to show how beautiful you are.


Horcris started back in 2006, when Bogdan and Horatiu were in highschool and were introduced to photography. Since then, Horcris images are known for their distinctive and captivating style. Horcris has always been about people. The ability to communicate and interact with our clients is what sets Horcris apart and draws people to our brand. When people refer to our products, they often come along with the expression: “Horcris is about life, style and fashion”.Looking forward to meeting you!